About Stefan Pisano Gallery

Hi, My Name is Stefan Pisano and I welcome you to my abstract art photography gallery. My inspiration for this content is to use a slow digital camera shutter to express the spirituality of the natural world that is all around us. Each image in this gallery is a product of my original intention to look for inspiration in the colors found in places like a local botanical garden or on a back porch and to find ways to use the colors shapes and contrasts to create very abstract high resolution images that resonate with me in some way. The next step in my process is looking at the image and listening to what it says to me not in words but in telepathic feelings that i then try to put into words. My hope is that this art also speaks to you in some way and if you are interested in making a print of my work feel free to reach out and i will share it with you. The work is not for sale and should not be used for any commercial purpose.

If you are interested in my technique it’s really not that intricate. Find a subject, focus. move in a artistic way and shoot while moving the camera. Most of the images are pretty much the RAW files, not cropped and or retouched other than some Lightroom color and texture adjustments and very little cropping from the full frame.

Peace, love and light,
Stefan Pisano